Saturday, August 15, 2009

Little from the past line.

1973:I was born in a traditional joint family in Indian town of Amritsar, reared up in Delhi till my serving parents migrated to a satellite town of Faridabad-science in my nerves-to imagine the natural laws since my schooldays.

1990:Willingly joined architecture due to inborn interest in lieu of lucrative software stream from University of Roorkee, thanks to my aunt. Teachers use to get flabbergasted with manual design drawing performance-the quickness, accuracy and design. After this came the scorching hunt for working with a well reputed establishment

1995:Gave me a chance to work under A.Sengupta of world fame and 2 more till 1998 when i opened my own work. Precision of my visions entailed me to design a double duplex for a joint family of Advocates-with it's staggered array of futuristic terraces-it became the most talked about house in the town. My all thanks goes to Mr. Anil Rawal, patron implementing it to a grand success in 2004 with. Also did this economical house for Mr. Sanjay Bakshi. A couple of more clients gave enough vent for my creativity.

2000 gave me the first break into 3 residential apartment housing in sub city of Dwarka-the largest an prototype of 81 blocks with 8 blocks per floor joined with linked lifts yet each condo was four side open and private. The super area:floor area differed by just 8%. The projects were accredited by Delhi Urban Arts Commission.Ext

Yet being allergic with outbound, tried to hunt for some drawing outsourcing work and got a break at elance in 2007. Nice colleagues, buyers. The venture opened into a mission evolving as outsourcing with core-competency of quality CAD and Sketchup skills for fellow architects, civil, MEP engineers etc.

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