Monday, June 9, 2008

A little care for the world

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Hi world,

Let's begin with a little care for each of us. Let's try not to grab the fruit but to share our knowledge. I'm sure we'll finally be benefited by being benefiting.

I want to give the best of my talent to the world and to optimize the future matrix. We'll save energy, habitat, green as well as our time.

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Sustainability-the buzzword governs Architecture

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Energy consciousness-the thirst & security-the thrust of emerging architecture are the basis morphing the architectural matrices from colonial to fantasy.

We are diminishing the requirement of harmful construction materials and quenching our thirst to go in for nature friendly processed materials. There is a lot to regulate. We have to break away from cubes and ornamentation to utilitarian aspects. We need transitional finishing materials for covering the aesthetic visible shell.

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