Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Quick thoughts about windows.

Windows, like doors ensure security and privacy. The difference is that they are not accessible. They give you sunshine and diffused light and are customized to give you your favorite whiff of air.

Windows should not collect dust, dirt etc. They should not be in vicinity of noisy & artificially lighted zones.

Windows need not necessarily be big to be effective. They can morph with your sofa, study etc. Shutters etc should not consume any usable space and should have provision of grill in a way that the openness is not hampered without compromising the security aspect.

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Consultancy inside a matrix.

Densely populated tropical habitations give a better insight into perceptions towards collective benefit.

Planning should be done in a way that street noise and light pollution are kept as low as possible. For example community & academic zones either be segregated, or should have thick walls/troughs.

Security shouldn't curtail emergency access services so they should be collaterally planned facing the rescue hub in a straightforward way.

Neighbor's houses should not block the east or desired favorable sun. Shared courtyards should somehow give some privacy and soundproofing.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Life is a Test | Webupon

As the higher ratios in Fibonacci tends to attain a golden ratio, we all possess a striving quest to be immaculately perfect weaving through happiness & tribulations. Click here.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Golden future network

With advancement in studies of matter properties, evolves the new feasible possibilities of real strings of transportation. Click here.

Little from the past line.

1973:I was born in a traditional joint family in Indian town of Amritsar, reared up in Delhi till my serving parents migrated to a satellite town of Faridabad-science in my nerves-to imagine the natural laws since my schooldays.

1990:Willingly joined architecture due to inborn interest in lieu of lucrative software stream from University of Roorkee, thanks to my aunt. Teachers use to get flabbergasted with manual design drawing performance-the quickness, accuracy and design. After this came the scorching hunt for working with a well reputed establishment

1995:Gave me a chance to work under A.Sengupta of world fame and 2 more till 1998 when i opened my own work. Precision of my visions entailed me to design a double duplex for a joint family of Advocates-with it's staggered array of futuristic terraces-it became the most talked about house in the town. My all thanks goes to Mr. Anil Rawal, patron implementing it to a grand success in 2004 with. Also did this economical house for Mr. Sanjay Bakshi. A couple of more clients gave enough vent for my creativity.

2000 gave me the first break into 3 residential apartment housing in sub city of Dwarka-the largest an prototype of 81 blocks with 8 blocks per floor joined with linked lifts yet each condo was four side open and private. The super area:floor area differed by just 8%. The projects were accredited by Delhi Urban Arts Commission.Ext

Yet being allergic with outbound, tried to hunt for some drawing outsourcing work and got a break at elance in 2007. Nice colleagues, buyers. The venture opened into a mission evolving as outsourcing with core-competency of quality CAD and Sketchup skills for fellow architects, civil, MEP engineers etc.

Friday, July 31, 2009

My tumults in Nehru Place.

Friends, the experience maybe shorter than the time I am taking to write this blog. But definitely it is an experience most of us encounter every day and forget it.

I fixed up a business meeting and entered Nehru Place. First of all, one is greeted by a big axle breaker drain. The routing of the traffic is so chaotic. Whereas my meeting point was 15 meters from the entry, I had to zigzag all the way to left and right juggling in order to find a parking area. Fortunately I found one-after parking there I locked the car and started walking-someone from behind asked me to remove the car because the sun reflection on the glass was disturbing him in his shop. I co-operated whereas I am fully aware that the parking zone is not his property.

After idling for 15-20 minutes and zigzagging and guided by parking attendents ahead I again came back to the same old man who repulsively swayed his hand back. Now I was finding myself trapped in the medley of all cars which were “being” parked on the roads.

This was not the first time I visited Nehru Place. 15 years back I did a academic case study on Nehru Place and mentioned that the parking is chaotic. Now, the situation has worsened. Rows and columns of cars and cars-arrays of car keys on the hand of attendants-Dream India is very very FAR off.

My friends, perhaps left India, compromise a lot, just to avoid these kinds of constraints.

No option left I messaged the person and went back all the way to Faridabad.

I think either I am really impractical, or gross injustice is being done to all who work with uncertainty- of their & their property’s safety. In fact I am wondering how corporate management is handling all this-no doubt the childishness is evident even now. Loot-grab the parking-some car owners are not allowing other cars by placing their cars parallel to the road and perpendicular to the other cars. Some have chauffeurs and well chained parking lot-wow.

Well, I’ll choose to lose business, but never to let my integrity take a chance. Hope that this blog gets read by our Urban Ministers and something can be done about this. Jai Hind!